Our Programs

Individual and corporate learning classrooms

Halifax Christian School uses an individualized curriculum that is tailored to the skill and grade level of each student.  While our curriculum is self-paced, each student can only proceed if they master the assigned concepts.  Halifax Christian also uses corporate styles of learning to ensure that we are teaching life skills necessary to work in group and team settings. 

The Orton Gillingham Approach

The Orton Gillingham Approach is a research based approach that has been used for many decades to successfully provide literacy remediation to students of all ages. This approach is primarily used for those who have Dyslexia. These individuals have difficulty primarily in the areas of reading, writing, and spelling. Often these difficulties create a learning gap in other academic areas as well.

In recent years, the Orton Gillingham Approach has also been adopted in general education classrooms, and has been very effective with the general education population. Due to the prescriptive nature of the Orton Gillingham Approach, the lesson plans target the student’s individual learning needs. It is so important to accommodate the varying needs and acknowledge the different learning styles by incorporating multisensory strategies in the classroom. In doing so, we set our students up for success, as well as ignite in them a renewed excitement and zest for learning.

This approach corresponds with our motto to provide the best education to all students at Halifax Christian School.  Thus, we are excited to announce, all elementary and middle school lead teachers at Halifax Christian School beginning in the 2022-2023 school year will have successfully completed training providing them with the foundational literacy skills and evidence-based approach which has made the Orton Gillingham Approach so successful.