Our Programs

As a parent the decisions you make regarding the education of your children are among the most important and influential ones that you will make. During their school years, your children will not only be learning; they will be forming friendships, values and worldviews. We strive to instill in every student that excellence goes beyond academic ability; excellence is demonstrated in the students’ commitment to people, in their depth of integrity, in their willingness to work hard, and in their leadership abilities. We want our students to learn to view every aspect of life from a Christian perspective. This is why a Christian education is so important.

At Halifax Christian School, our mission is to serve as an extension of the Christian home. Through biblical integration in the classroom, weekly chapel time, service projects, and the influence of our faculty and staff, the Christian values that our students learn at home can be internalized leading to strong people of faith.

We offer grades K4-12 with rigorous educational and Christ-centered classes, electives, and athletics/activities.  Our students use the ACE curriculum along with instructor specific lessons to ensure a well-rounded and educationally exceptional experience.  We offer three different diploma plans, general, college preparatory, and honors.  Our graduates have attend colleges and universities including multiple community colleges and technical schools, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Liberty University, Texas A&M, and Ohio State University to name a few.