Our Values


As we learn, we will:

  • Interact with the world reflecting the light of God’s Word
  • Value exploration, curiosity, and inquiry
  • Develop lifelong learners
  • Create opportunities for students to build character and develop resilience
  • Develop life and social skills
  • Incorporate personalized learning plans that include collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Connect learning to practical application in life
  • Provide teachers who have professional expertise and seek to continually grow in their field

As we cultivate spiritual growth, we seek to:

  • Understand and apply the Word of God to every area of life
  • Use moments of conflict, disappointment, or discipline to guide the hearts of students
  • Provide opportunities for worshipping and praying together
  • Foster a love for service to others
  • Create disciples and develop leaders
  • Expose students to God’s Word

As a Christ-centered community we will seek to:

  • Cultivate a culture of grace and truth that promotes humility and confidence, holding each other accountable in love
  • Delight in and celebrate our differences as an expression of the image of God
  • Value people in the way God has made them
  • Promote learning in community across grade-levels and disciplines
  • Maintain school-wide unity
  • Serve and care for each other
  • Protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others